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Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hairs – 5 Essential Tips

Pet owners know the difficulty of getting rid of pet hair tangled in their carpets and furnishings. Pet hair also carries the risk of causing allergic reactions to people who have allergies to pet hairs and the detritus carried on them.
Pet hairs are particularly difficult to remove from Polypropylene carpet fibres. This is because at the micro level, the surface of the fibre is like velcro and mechanically grabs hairs and dust particles.
As a professional carpet cleaner, I often come across carpets with a thatch of pet hairs. In most cases the main reason is that the homeowner is using the wrong type of vacuum cleaner.
Here are 5 helpful tips to help you navigate through the sea of vacuum cleaners available today. specific characters that would he helpful. Here are 5 tips.

1. Find specific vacuum cleaners for pet hairs.

There are many vacuums on the market just for pet owners that will do a great job in removing pet hairs from carpets and furnishings. Read and article here to see the best vacuum cleaner for pet owners.


2. Upright or Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are generally more effective in cleaning up pet hair than pure canister vacuum cleaners. This is because uprights have motorised rotating brushes to dislodge the hairs and pet dander from the carpet fibres. A pure suction vacuum is just not up to the job.

As an example, I as a professional carpet cleaner in Phoenix use one of the most powerful truck mount carpet cleaning machines available today and it still won’t pull entangled pet hairs.
Canister vacuum cleaners for pet hairs all have a turbo brush attachment. There are two types of brush head available, electric and turbo. Electric brush heads have motorised brush heads. Turbo heads use a turbine driven by the airflow of the vacuum cleaner.

In my opinion, turbo heads are adequate at best, motorised brush heads are more effective.
Whichever vacuum you choose, remember to vacuum under beds. That’s often where pets hide!

3. Filteration

All vacuum cleaners for pet hairs will come with additional filtration. Vacuum cleaners with washable filters are easier and less costlier to to maintain than replaceable filters.washable-water-filter-vacuum-cleaner

4. Attachments

Check out the attachments that come with the vacuum. They should have a crevice tool so you can vacuum hard to reach places such as carpet edges chair crevices.

An upholstery tool is an essential so you can remove hairs from the side of your upholstery. The tools with a fixed brush are ideal as the brush helps dislodge pet hairs.
A turbo driven stair tool is an excellent attachment.
Whichever tool you use, remember to vacuum the stair risers.

5. Hepa Filters For Vacuum Cleaners

Make sure the vacuum you look for a vacuum with a hepa filter. hepa filters for vacuum cleaners will trap 99.9% of particles down to a size of 0.03 microns. That’s seriously small and prevent the dust and pet dander bluing back into the room.

An odour filter is also an excellent help. These filters use active charcoal to trap odours and prevent them recirculating back into the air. They are particularly helpful if your pets have oily hair. Because over time the oil on the hair goes rancid like butter and can give off a powerful unpleasant odours.


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