Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

exclusive step Tile and Grout is outlined below:

Step 1: Our process starts out with a complete per-inspection of the area that is to be cleaned, our technician is looking for any problem areas or areas requiring a little more detail.


Step 2: We then begin tapping and protecting your home’s interior areas of concern.


Step 3: We then apply our special product to degrease and break up the soiling it also will lightly etch your grout joint to refresh it to the original color.


Step 4: Next we agitate the tile and grout with our floor machine and special brush that is designed for the most heavily soiled conditions. We hand scrub corners, baseboards, and hard to reach areas.


Step 5: We then rinse all of the soiling and solution with high pressured steam extraction, leaving your areas phenomenally clean, don’t worry there is no over spray at all, it is all self contained.

Step 6: The next thing is to bring in our air movers in to dry the floors as fast as possible………Read More


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