House Cleaning

6 House Cleaning Hacks That Will Change Your Life.

Baking soda, white vinegar, and bleach can clean almost anything.

1. Dishwasher Cleaning


Dishwasher looks and smells funky? Put a cup of white vinegar on the top rack and run a very hot cycle. Put baking soda in the soap dispenser and run another cycle. Gunk should be cleaned out by vinegar and smell should be cleared up with baking soda.

2. Washing Machine Cleaning

Washing machine

Ever wash your washing machine? With a front loader, pour a cup of bleach into the tub and run the clean cycle – cheaper than afresh tablets. With a top loader, pour in a cup of bleach and start a large load. After a couple minutes of agitating stop the cycle and let it sit for 30-60 minutes. Let the cycle finish. You will probably see gross stuff floating around while it finishes agitating. Repeat with a cup of vinegar.

3. Remove Smells From Garbage Disposal, Mattresses &   Carpets

Carpet cleaning

Garbage disposal smell gross? Pour baking soda in there and let it sit overnight. Mattress smell weird? Strip all the bedding and lightly sprinkle baking soda over mattress. Let sit all day while at work, vacuum off when you get home. Same can be done with carpet that smells funny. Pretty much anything that smells funny can be handled with baking soda.

4. Cleaning the bathroom floor

Bathroom floor

Spray the cleaner on and let it sit for a minute, then stand on the towel and ‘shuffle’ around the whole floor. Fold/flip the towel as needed. BAM, clean floor!

5.  Removing Stains with an Iron

All you are doing is steam cleaning it. Spray the stain down with diluted Dr. Bronners (I use peppermint since it is clear.) place a wash cloth over the stain, and iron it on the cotton setting so it steams up well. Blot dry with another dry wash cloth and the stain is gone. It even lifted stains that were set and I wasn’t able to clean using other carpet cleaners.

6.  Removing Spilled Wax From Carpet

Place a paper bag, or other highly absorbent material, over the dried wax. Move an iron around on the bag (being careful, of course, to not let the paper bag get so hot it catches on fire). This will heat and melt the wax in the carpet. The melted wax will be absorbed by the paper bag. Move the bag around so you’re working with areas of the bag that are still dry, and continue.

spilled wax on carpet

When all is said and done, your carpet might still be stained the color of the wax, but at least the wax itself is removed. Now attack the stain with the detergent of your choice. I’m fond of Woolite, personally, but to each their own.

To scrub inside kettles and things that are hard to fit your hands into, pour in some salt and toss in some ice cubes. Shake it around and it should scrub up most if not all of your coffee or whatever you’ve allowed to dry in there. This works for flat-top stoves, too. Pour some salt on, grab a rag, and use it to run the ice cubes over problem areas.

Stringy cloth mops are the best for larger areas. They actually pick up hairs and funk that brooms miss. Meanwhile, sponge mops just push the stuff around. I’ve had the same problem with the swiffer, though it’s faster and easier than legit mopping. For smaller areas like bathrooms, I just spray the floor and wipe it with a rag. When I’m done, I throw down a rag towel and walk it around with my feet to dry it. It’s way faster than hauling out a bucket and mop.



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