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Some Home Maintenance Tips

1. Replace (or wash) furnace filters every 1-3 months.

Furnace filters

2. Caulk leaks near windows. On a windy day, feel for drafts or look for piles of dust to find these leaks. Examine your weatherstripping on windows and doors. Look for cracks, loose parts, or missing bits and replace as necessary.


3. Once every year or two, remove the heat vents and stick your vacuum hose in there to remove any dust build-up.


4. Three times a year vacuum the coils under your refrigerator.

vaccum refrigerator coils

5. Once a year put some vinegar in your toilet tank to sanitize and put some CLR in your toilet bowl to prevent mineral deposit buildup. Don’t mix these!

6. Clean your gutters and make sure the downspouts are free-flowing.


7. Aerate your lawn in the spring (Just take a rake and lightly rake the grass).

rack the grass


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