Home Cleaning

Tips For Home Cleaning Which Make Your Home Neat & Clean

Starting with the kitchen:

  • Don’t put an item down unless you’re putting it down where it belongs.kitchen
  • Don’t leave your mail on your kitchen counter, get a mail sorter or organizer and organize by those bills/papers that need to be dealt with first.

Living Room

  • Vacuum the carpets regularly.
  • Wipe down any side tables whenever you get a chance, and while you’re at it, straighten out the remotes and coasters.


  • Put waste baskets on each side of the bed. There’s nothing nastier than tissues and waterbottles piling up on the nightstands.
  • Try to keep just the bare necessities on your nightstands– Don’t let it be a catchall for junk. It’ll ruin the whole aesthetic of the place.


  • Wipe down your sink everytime you washyour face/brush your teeth. I use a new towel everytime I wash my face so it’s not like my face is getting hit with the grody countertop water afterwards. But it makes a tremendous difference.
  • Likewise, if you’re someone who uses curling irons, straighteners, etc., a lot, get some of the fancy command hooks, and hang them from their cords on those so they don’t take up extra space in your drawers anywhere, and so you don’t have to keep getting them in and out each day.

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