natural stone cleaning

Granite Counter Top Treatments

BELOW  is our exclusive ultimate protection package for Granite Counter Tops:

Step 1: Carefully pre-inspect the counter looking for hard water build up, scale, stains or flaws.

Step 2: Protect all of the surrounding areas with drop cloths, mask or tape walls, cabinets, etc.

Step 3: Remove dry soiling and residues with a hand held buffer and steel wool pad, (This will not harm your granite!)

Step 4:Apply our specialized product to deep clean the soil away, agitate with special hand held equipment.

Step 5: Rinse all the residues and contaminates thoroughly off of the counter tops.countertops cleaning tempe

Step 6: After the granite has dried, apply a heavy dose of our solvent based impregnating sealer, usually 2-3 coats depending on density of the stone.

Step 7: After the sealer has absorbed into the granite we then will hand buff the counter tops.

Step 8: We will then apply our incredible Italian wax polish treatment. This is a key process to really make it shine and as well as repel stains.

Step 9: Utilizing our high speed buffer we will buff the entire surface of the counter tops to the most amazing shine.

Step 10: We will then post inspect the job to make sure that everything looks as it should, phenomenal.



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