Spring Cleaning: Get Rid of Unwanted Goods in Support of a Noble Cause

It’s almost time for spring cleaning again…

Instead of throwing away all of those potential ‘valuable’ goods in your home, why not send them to someone in need? You can donate your goods to many places including goodwill, the salvation army, or the website I have provided. Give things to family members, friends, or to other bloggers (like so many of us already do especially around the holiday season). By doing something helpful for others, you are also doing something helpful for yourself.

Regarding Goodwill donations: Let’s say you live in a nicer part of town and there’s a local GW. Donate your clothes at a GW in an economically disadvantaged area. The clothes donated at the stores are cleaned and resold at that location. You could be helping someone but something for their next interview.

And same goes if you need to buy donated goods yourself, find the Goodwill in the nicer parts of town. The items donated there are resold there.

Where You Can Donate right now:-

donation ( Please go and donate to one of my best friend. You can read about her story on line ) ( Please Donate towards a new van for our school! by- ( I’m going the extra mile – well 26 to be exact! by – )


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