Carpet Cleaning

DIY Tips: How to Remove Oil or Grease Stains from Carpeting

For oil and grease you might be able to get by with some dish soap, a wet rag, vigorous scrubbing and a vacuum cleaner.

how to remove oil stains from carpet

You could do it  by Following steps…

  • Get The Area Wet

  • Put the dish soap on the stain

  • rub lightly with wet rag as to agitate the stain

  • add about a teaspoon of powdered laundry detergent to a bottle of hot water (As hot as you and the bottle can safely stand.)

  • Poor the detergent mix onto the pretreated area.



  • Repeat if necessary

  • vacuum to suck the oil out or it will just keep coming back.

Pop is pretty similar to oil in the sense that it will just keep coming back. What has happened is the syrup has bonded with the base of your carpet and every time you clean it a new layer of stickiness comes to the top and clings to dirt. The best way to go about removing that is SUPER HOT WATER or even taking a damp WHITE rag and an iron to bring the syrup to the top of the carpet and draw it into the rag.

Good luck!




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