Carpet Cleaning

How do you keep rugs/carpets smelling fresh with pets?

cat-and-dog-carpet-300x296For doggie smell: Unless you have a specific breed I really believe the doggy smell can be nearly entirely eliminated if you feed high quality food and brush your dog often (weekly, more if he/she is shedding). Almost dogs only have a smell when they are wet- and in those times let them dry in his crate or your bathroom on a towel. When dog is dirty with mud  let them dry and brush it off.

For your carpet you must vacuum twice a week (and yeah, whenever anybody is coming over!).

  1.  Make sure you know what kind of fibre your carpet is. Different carpets require different cleaners, settings etc.
  2. If you have a newer carpet or a carpet under warranty, you have to have the carpet PROFESSIONALLY cleaned every 12-18 months in order to keep your warranty valid. You need to keep your receipts and everything.
  3. Many of the household carpet cleaners don’t heat the water to the temperatures that the truck mount units do. So you may save money but you won’t get as deep of a cleaning.

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